Like anyone else, Libras are just people who have things to love and things to hate. Although they are very generous and friendly, there are some things that can make them hard-to-please, even go crazy. This article can be useful for those who want to know about top 10 things that Libras hate the most. If you want to understand more about Libras, do not skip this.


Libras always want their work to be perfect and smoothly go on. Therefore, if they are focusing on doing something, they extremely hate to be interrupted. There is nothing worse than having power failure when they are on process to complete their assignments in their computer. This point can be understood by most people, especially in this modern world, when using electricity is an essential need for everyone.

Being judged

Libras want to plan things on their own and they want to implement their plans with their own way. Unless they ask for advice, you should not judge them, because they can be irritated.


Libras are allergic with lies. They love the truth and always try to live truthfully with everyone. They show every emotion on their face. You can easily guess what they keep in mind towards a specific problem. If they know you are lying, they will have a negative view on you and this can hardly be changed.

Being out of money

Especially for youngster, getting money running out is really familiar that we often think it is a simple problem that all of us have to face with. However, to Libras, it is actually more than a problem. It is a crisis. Libras are often very strict on their financial situation, and being out of money often makes them get lost. To get out of the situation, Libras should have some advisers for this particular issue, like those who can control them in terms of spending money.

Appointments missed

Libras love to make friends and they are really good friends. It is lucky for you if you have a Libra friend, because she/he can do everything to make your friendship last long and go on well. One of the things that can be done for a good friendship is hanging out together. However, for some sudden cases, you can miss the appointments. Even if you do not do it on purpose, your Libra friends will get angry with you because they think that they are not respected enough.

Cheat and fraud

Libras are honest and truthful people, and they expect everyone else is the same. They will be either angry or disappointed if they are cheated, betrayed or lied. From the smallest things, do not dare to cheat Libras, because once they find that out, you will never get their trust back again.


We already know that Libras are obsessed with a perfect and flawless appearance. They cannot accept any ugly thing like pimples / acnes. With the spots on face, they can become less confident, even cannot go out to meet people until the pimples disappear.

Hot sunshine

One of other things that can make Libras upset and depressed is hot sunshine. Of course, under hot sunshine, our bodies sweat out really much, which is considered dirty and uncomfortable for Libras. They hate the dirt and discomfort because they think that the factors can affect their outlook.

Doing no-name work

Libras really hate to be disturbed. They either do something for others willingly, or you should not call them to do something for you, especially if the things are just errands. Likewise, when they are asked to do such things, they will think that they are not important and not respected.

Getting sleepy

Libras are like anyone else. They want to do their work with the best performance and effectiveness. However, sometimes, under too much pressure, you can get sleepy and so do Libras. They hate it because it can affect their images and their work results. In this case, Libras would love it very much if you bring them a cup of coffee. Just small actions but they can create great effects like a good impression and nice judgments that Libras think about you.